For me, video is all about increasing engagement and building relationships. Many of the relationships I’ve made through business have either started or have been enhanced through video. Without the use of regular videos I wouldn’t have been able to help hundreds of small business owners on a weekly basis. The best reaction I get when I meet people who have watched our videos is for someone to say ‘I feel like I know you’. And that’s how video has helped, small tips each week, being valuable and being appreciated. That’s how video can truly help a business grow. That’s the first step, and if you get that right, everything else becomes a whole lot easier.

Typically the businesses who are using Video Toolkit are worried about one to three of the following:

  1. How much video will cost.
  2. Where to start with video.
  3. How to increase engagement online.

That’s one of the reasons we set up Video Toolkit, to help small businesses create videos in the right way, and in a way where they don’t have to worry about making all the mistakes and learning the lessons we’ve learnt over the past few years. This course we’ve put together goes through everything from scripting and shooting to editing and sharing.

It’s all about helping as many small businesses as possible. If you think it can help, sign up for a one month trial below: