We get a lot of really good questions on #TheVideoShow, and I’m surprised it’s taken this long for someone to ask about the best background for videos.

Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of different backgrounds, both for my YouTube videos and for the clients we work with here at Red Book Productions.

In terms of picking the best one, I think there’s a few simple rules you should follow. (I’m going to use bullet points because it makes text easier to digest)

  • Keep your backgrounds relevant to what you’re talking about. There’s no use standing in an office if you’re talking about sports, so consider your location carefully.
  • Can you easily control what’s going on? If there are people walking around in the background (does that affect what you’re talking about) will the light suddenly change? (it’s important to be able to control the light so you don’t have to change the settings on your camera)
  • Is the background messy? I hate to see a messy background, a desk with loads of rubbish on it, cables hanging out of sockets, keep your background as neat as possible.

Have a think about where would be relevant to shoot your videos and start shooting. Where do you shoot your videos at the moment?