Having set up Video Toolkit earlier this year I hear a lot of people talk about what camera they should be using to get the best picture and what microphone they should be using to get the best sound.

And on top of that they worry about what they’ll look and sound like, it puts them off to the point where they don’t even start.

The best thing to do is to grab your smartphone, tap record and start talking. Getting started is the biggest obstacle and by grabbing your phone and making a video you’re on the way. Just remember to provide value in each and every video you make and you’ll soon pick up little improvements each time.

When I started I couldn’t even talk in front of the camera, and when I finally plucked up the courage to talk, I couldn’t string two sentences together, check out the amount of cuts in the video below! That was the first video I made where I had the guts to actually talk.

From there on out it got easier and easier, making regular videos you picked up tricks each time. Whether it’s lighting, presenting on the camera you’re using. If you jump to the latest episode of The Video Show (Episode 54, which is around 100 videos later) you’ll notice a distinct improvement in terms of my confidence in front of the camera.

It all comes with practice, so get started, don’t worry too much and provide value each and every time.