Obviously video is becoming more and more prevalent for businesses as they see it as a bigger and more vital part of their marketing. I often hear people say that ‘video is huge’ and wonder why there are still people who don’t use video for their business.

Today’s question for The Video Show is ‘Why should I care about video?’. There are two answers really. 1) is that you really should care about video if you want to start building relationships with people online, and want to start conversations. But number 2 is a bit more shocking. If you don’t believe that video can work for your business then you probably should avoid it. You won’t put the effort in that’s required to share it, you won’t feel proud of the output that your business is creating and most likely your videos will fail.

But if you KNOW video can help, then video is pretty damn perfect. You’re more likely to put together quality video content, have a detailed plan of action and are more likely to get amazing results. That’s why you should care about video.