A Video Strategy is extremely important when it comes to planning a large scale video marketing project. That’s why we’re planning to help as many businesses as possible in 2017. But we’re starting off with just four.

We all know that video can be one of the most valuable tools a business can have, but only if it’s used properly. There’s no use making ‘a video’ or ‘a load of videos’ and posting them on your website or YouTube and hoping for the best. I’d be surprised if anybody watched your videos if you didn’t have any idea of who you wanted to watch them.

That’s why I’ve got a plan of action together to work with these businesses over the course of 2017 and help them towards the results they want to achieve, whether it’s more sales, more visits to their website or just more engagement ‘The Video Experiment’ is my way of putting together everything I know about Video Marketing and putting it into action.

If you’d like to know more about the Video Experiment and how it can help you click here. I’m really looking forward to see how I can help you move your business forward in 2017.