So you want to shoot your own videos?


Shooting your own videos is now a viable option for any business no matter what the size. It used to be that a video production company would have to create every single video for a businesses. But with the huge leaps in technology over the past few years, the actual task of filming and making your own videos is a reality.

Unfortunately where a lot of these businesses worry about not knowing where to start with video, they’re confused about what to do with their videos and are confused about what equipment they need.

That’s why we created Video Toolkit.

What is Video Toolkit?

Video Toolkit is our online membership community, where business owners and marketers can learn to script, shoot, edit and share their videos. With our constantly updated library of video content full of lessons including:

  • Scripting
  • Shooting Tips
  • Equipment and software to suit your budget
  • Quick and easy editing techniques
  • Access to experts in social media, marketing, and photography
  • How to share your videos effectively to hit the right audience.

And with our fast growing membership community, you’ll be able to discuss new video ideas and post your newest videos on the group to get feedback from like-minded business owners, marketers and experts.


Here’s what Janie Biddiscombe from Blue Flame Digital said about the Video Toolkit

Joining Video Toolkit

Video Toolkit is a fast growing membership community full of ambitious business owners and marketers. I’ve been really impressed and surprised by the amount of effort and quality of the videos our members have produced over the last year.

What’s included?

The Video Toolkit Group

An exclusive forum where you can communicate openly and privately with the Video Toolkit members. This space is for members to share new ideas, post work in progress videos and look for advice on how to improve.


The group is hosted on Facebook, is open to all the members and the contributors to Video Toolkit and we also award the ‘Video of the Month’ award for the best video posted on the group every month. The winner is awarded to a video that is particularly creative or has achieved significant results.

Video Toolkit Hub

A growing repository of video marketing, video strategy and technical video knowledge and information, which includes:

  • Scripting templates, from tried and tested videos that actually work.
  • Video shooting modules to help you work out how to shoot
  • Step-by-step video marketing strategy to help you plan your strategy
  • Additional video marketing resources to help you plan everything you need to do.

Mark will be continually adding content to the hub with more content being added on a weekly and monthly basis.

Weekly Membership Facebook Live

Mark will host a Facebook Live on the Video Toolkit Facebook group every Tuesday evening.

This is your opportunity to have your questions answered by Mark and his expert guests. It’s always good to hear from people with tried and tested experience and results as it gives us the perseverance to keep going. These calls are recorded and added to the Video Toolkit Hub for future reference.

Weekly Updates

Every week Mark hosts a live interactive call with the membership group as a way of updating everyone on new members joining, new content, and topical conversations taking place in the group.

Mark and his team also add new content to help you with your business and marketing on a weekly basis.

Additional Member Benefits

  • Introductory private 1-2-1 call wth Mark Harman (30 min call)
  • Access to exclusive online and offline events
  • Discounted access to events
How much does Video Toolkit Membership Cost?

Video Toolkit Membership is £329 for a year and is renewed annually. Or you can join for just £29.99 per month and cancel whenever you like. If you do opt for the annual membership we’ll be in touch in the weeks before your membership renews to make sure you still want to be a part of our membership community.

How do I get the most from Video Toolkit?

It’s up to you how often you use Video Toolkit. You can use it every single day, or once every now and again. But we do recommend that you are an active member of the online community to get the most from your membership.

What if I need extra help creating my own videos?

When you join Video Toolkit you get the chance to chat to me for 15 minutes in our one to one session. You’ll then be able to talk to myself and the members through the membership group about any questions you might have. But if you do need a bit of extra help you can book additional one to ones with me to help you solve the problems you might have, and to answer any questions.