Making videos remotely

How it works…

Over the course of the last few years with the various lockdowns, the way that businesses have had to create some video content changed drastically. And at the same time it was vital that they communicated effectively with their staff, existing customers and potential customers.  

I became an expert in producing videos over Zoom, directing people in how to create videos themselves and then instructing them on how to send the videos over to me to edit. Sometimes it’s a one off project or a regular stream of videos where you can pay monthly depending on the amount of videos we create together. 

Remote video production can vary from business to business, but if you’re already shooting videos yourself and don’t have time to edit, then perhaps Red Book Productions can help. 

1. Book an initial chat

Let’s find out if we’re the right fit. I want to know about your business, who you’re targeting, what makes them tick and what kind of videos you want to create. Is this a one off video, or a long lasting project?

2. Getting started


Once you start sending your content across we can start putting the videos together for you. Do you want us to just send them back? Or upload them to the relevent platforms?

3. Pay monthly

We’ll agree a pricing structure that best suits you, but if you set limits on what you want to spend each month you’ll be in advance if you’re close to hitting your budget.

What Jan had to say…


“I chose Mark from Red Book Productions because he really does know his stuff. He was able to show me techniques and software that allowed me to make video myself…”

Jan Jack

Perfect Verse

What happens next?

It’s well worth finding out if Red Book Productions is the right fit, so let’s have a chat to see if we can help.  Book an initial 15 minute chat with me over Zoom and we can discuss your project.

Once you’ve booked the meeting I will be in touch via email to confirm everything.