Content Creation

Businesses need to produce quality content to back up their videos. If you want to give value and build trust and be seen in as many places as possible, you need to be repurposing your content.  

As well as helping businesses create regular video content we also repurpose most of the videos they make into things like blogs, articles, audio content and social media posts. But if you’re already creating your own vault of video content, we can repurpose everything for you.

It all starts with creating a clear strategy to work with them to create the right kind of content for their target audience.

It all starts with a Video Strategy Meeting, where we set out a detailed plan of action to suit what you need to achieve. 

Our overarching aim is to  help you build an audience who will shout about your business. Take a look at ‘The Video Plan’ to see how we help businesses stand out.

How it works

There are three stages to The Video Plan. Firstly we need to create your video content, this varies slightly from business to business, but you can probably expect a top quality website video to anchor everything together.

This will be followed by regular content focusing on the value you can give as a business. The aim with this content is to build trust and grow your following.

The next stage is repurposing, we’ll work out who you need to target and post your repurposed content in the right places. It’s important that we squeeze as much as we can about your videos, this includes the option to create blogs, cut down videos, social media posts and audio content.

Finally, there’s the ‘Bitesized’ content that you need to make on a daily basis to engage with your audience and build relationships further.

It’s up to you how far you want to go with The Video Plan. You can sign up for the first level, or take on all three. Just let us know where you want to get started.

It all starts with a strategy meeting in our office in Andover. During the Video Strategy Meeting we’ll ask you some tough questions, it won’t be comfortable, but by the end, we’ll have a clear plan of action to take forward.

Then we’ll work with you to hit your targets, creating regular video content around our plan and setting measurable goals that we can follow up with you on our regular calls.

Click the link below, or give us a call on 01264 548001 to tell us where you see video fitting in with your business, we’ll be in touch shortly afterwards to discuss what your next steps should be.