Video Production

How it works

Hi! I’m Mark from Red Book Productions, and I help all sorts of different types of businesses and business owners get their brands seen in the right places.

Here at Red Book we love to work with ambitious businesses who are striving to get their business seen and heard, but worry about how they’re going to do it. Far too often they get stuck in the daily grind, and forget to put time aside to create regular marketing a regular video content to promote what they do and how they can help their customers.

That’s why we want to help you put together a simple plan of action,  whether it’s for a one off video or a series of videos. The conversation starts here. 


How it works for Gary Fullwood…

We’ve been working with Gary Fullwood from Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens for over a year. And recently put together his story in an episode of The Video Show (our regular video series) In this episode we talk about how the whole process works from start to finish. The results that Gary has achieved and how video fits in with his business

Video has become a vital part in how Gary communicates with his audience, and there’s loads of different platforms that we share his content onto. From YouTube and Linkedin, right up to repurposing his videos as blogs on his website. All we ask of Gary is that he gives us a morning of his time each month, and we do the rest. 


1. Fact finding…

The first step is to have an initial conversation to see if we’re the right fit. I want to work out if I can help you, and you obviously want to know if I can help you achieve the results you need. 

In our initial conversation we’ll discuss your plan for videos, what time and budget you’ll be setting aside and how video will fit in with your overall business. 

If you qualify to move into ‘Step 2 – Strategy Session’ you’ll be asked to fill in our ‘Video Audit’ which will help us both prepare for the next step.

2. Strategy Session

In our Strategy Session we’ll go into a lot more detail and put together your plan of action for your video shoot. Whether it’s a one off video, or a video series we’ll be putting together, by the end of the session we’ll have a water tight plan in place. 

By the time we move onto Step 3, you’ll know where we’ll be filming, who’s involved and what you need to say in front of the camera. And we’ll have a step by step plan in place to help you achieve fantastic results. 


 The third step is probably the easiest one. We’ll make sure you’re fully prepared for your shoot, and then finish everything off in the background during the editing phase of the process. Allowing you to see a draft version of each video before we finalise the finished version. 

What Gary had to say…

“Red Book Productions just makes that whole process so easy and makes me feel so comfortable. Secondly, it’s the whole process in terms of all the hard work they do in the background, to get the exact end results I desire for all my platforms”

Gary Fullwood

What Adam had to say…

Creating really good educational content is absolutely essential. Red Book helped us put together a whole series of content, not only do they film and produce the videos, but also transcribe the videos that we use to create a whole raft of content for our marketing.

Adam Lovelock - Coconut Creatives

What Jacqui had to say…

“I knew that I needed to do video I tried to do some things myself. So I bought a little tripod. I bought a mic. I got my husband to hold the phone while I was doing videos. And it was awful. And it just wasn’t gonna work. And I knew that I needed, to give me that kick, I knew that I needed to work with a professional.:

Jacqui Mann - J Mann Associates

What happens next?

Book your first strategy meeting by clicking the button below. In initial meeting, we’ll plan out discuss the results you want to achieve, so you’re totally prepared for the start of your video journey.

The call can take place in person, via Zoom or over the phone. 

Once you’ve booked the meeting we’ll be in touch via email to confirm everything.