On the 12th July I set out on a road trip to Gorleston on Sea, to 4sight at two local groups. Having been a 4Networking member for the past 4 years, the furthest I’d travelled was about an hour and a half. Planning a longer trip was something I wanted to do for a while, and with it being the height of summer I thought that camping over night would be a good option.

From going on the trip and travelling that far I learnt a few things:

  1. The 4Networking format is brilliant: I could go to any group, know what to expect and as a member you’re very much ‘accepted’ from the moment you walk in.
  2. Everybody is really nice: It’s like a competition to be nice, everybody is interested in what you do, I’m as interested in what they do and everybody wants to help each other.
  3. 4Sight if you can: If you’re going to travel long distances to 4N meetings, take the trouble to bring a 4sight with you and book them in before you leave. There’s little point in travelling that far if you’re not going to make the most of it.
  4. Follow up: I’m in the process of doing that right now, in fact this blog / vlog is a form of follow-up. Everybody I met will get sent this video, and a series of video templates that I mentioned in my 4sight.
  5. You never know who you might meet: Despite travelling 5 hours to get to the Gorleston group I met someone who went to the school next to mine in Kent, as it turns out Tom and I have a number of mutual friends back home in Gravesend and grew up a few miles apart. AMAZING!

I’d highly recommend doing a road trip yourself, let me know if you’ve done one before I’d love to know your experiences!