Blog #5 a.k.a Perhaps we should have numbered the cards

Hello there!

This will prove to be the final blog in the creating the ‘Why Film’ video series as I have just this second finished editing and am soon to be posting it on YouTube and then ‘Why Film’ page. Hooray indeed.

Any who, I will take you back to yesterday when we set out to film a somewhat simpler version of the video than had previously expected, mostly due to the time it was taking to actually make the video and the actual need for a video on the ‘Why Film’ page. So I decided that it would be better to make a much simpler version, in one place, with all the cards in one go. It looked good, it was a bit of a problem having to pick up the cards over and over again for every take, but this was soon solved by simply numbering the cards on the back in pencil. Lesson learnt. So when I bought back what we’d shot to edit, I started rewinding and saw how amazingly cool it looked when played backwards, so it was quite an easy decision to go back again today and re-shoot, into what you can see now. Here with this link. Here.

Or just view it below:




It’s been a learning curve on this video, although it has been relatively short, I hope you can see how the project has developed and that you watch the video and not only find it informative but also quite entertaining.

Until next time.