Recent events

Hello there!

It’s been a while since I posted anything on the Blog side of things, so I thought I’d give you an update of what’s been going dowwwn.

There’s been lots of preparation for upcoming videos that I can’t quite tell you about yet, but there you go, I’m excited so you should be too. They’re going to look amazing when they’re all finished.

What I can tell you is that we will be filming this Sunday (4th November) at the Whitchurch Arts Exhibition at the Gill Nethercott Centre, so if you find yourself with a yearning to look at some local art and are in the Whitchurch (Hampshire) area please do come down on either Saturday or Sunday. Oh and I didn’t mention: Richard Adams author of Watership Down will be signing copies of his book on the Sunday, so if you’re a fan, and how can you not be? That is a HUGE reason to come and see the great man himself.

I’ve also been working on an ident for the end of all our videos at the moment it’s been just our logo and the names of our website and social media sites swishing around all looking very smart but not really doing anything. SO! Now I’ve been inspired by a previous video made for Creative Conundrums, I decided to make a doodle inspired one. It can be viewed below:

If you’ve got any strong feelings of either love or hate towards it please let me know, it’s always good to hear some feedback. I did post some pictures of the doodled logo (below) on the Facebook page, and I noticed somebody ‘un-liked’ the page which left me distraught and inconsolable for some time.

Also in the news:

  • In the next week we’re going to start offering video Christmas ‘cards’/messages to businesses who want to send their clients a Christmas message. So if that interests you or you know somebody who might be interested please contact me. But there will be more on this over the next week so stay tuned!

Exciting news for the festive season indeed!

There we are then, Blog updated, my mind is at rest for the time being.

Cheery bye.