This week on #TheVideoShow we’re joined by Facebook Advertising expert Jamie Stone from Better Fitness Business.

In my opinion Facebook is already a huge player in video marketing. But people still think ‘YouTube’ when it comes to business videos. Although there’s a definite space for business videos on both YouTube and Facebook, when preparing your videos you have to be aware of the different make up of the videos and what will perform better on each platform.

In terms of business videos, people visit YouTube to be informed, so a ‘frequently asked questions’ video or showing your viewer how to do something, you’re in perfect YouTube territory.

However on Facebook, the majority of users are there because they want to be entertained, maybe they’re procrastinating at work, or are enjoying down time in the evening, that’s why your tone has to be different, and the way that Facebook works should impact on your video. Videos play without sound unless you click or tap on the screen, so it’s a great idea for your video to make sense without sound, or to grab the viewer’s attention early on to make sure they take action and tap the screen.