Music is one of the two things that can really manipulate the audience when it comes to video. I remember a few years back watching an old episode of Doctor Who and thinking; ‘it’s not the Daleks that are scary, it’s the music’ if you change the scary music to something like the Benny Hill theme tune then those terrifying monsters from the planet Skaro become a bit of a joke, pepper pots bumbling about.

If your music isn’t right it can have huge repercussions on your overall video, it just won’t feel right, but when it works it WORKS. In today’s episode of The Video Show, Dave Franey asks the question ‘Do you add music before or after the edit?’ and I almost always find the music first and edit to the tune. I’m not sure if anybody else edits like this, but ever since I started creating videos some 10-15 years ago I always found the right song first. It really helps me edit with the flow with the music, and usually produces a far superior final result.

Take a look at today’s episode of The Video Show to see how music can really change the viewer’s perception of what they’re watching, and keep an eye out next week for Episode 44.