Don’t cancel your event yet!

With everything going on with COVID-19, it’s hard to look past the possibility of cancelling any event you had planned for the next few months. The likelihood of having anything more than 20-50 people in a room before the end of the year looks pretty unlikely even for the most optimistic of event planner. 

At Red Book Productions I’ve been looking into the possibility of moving an event online. That’s why, at the start of July I helped Coconut Creatives move their usual ‘Franchise Fest’ from an ‘in person’ event to an online event. 

The usual format is simple:

 – 2 days where a few hundred people come along to a hotel in Warwickshire. 

– 1 main stage where there’s talks from expert speakers from the franchise industry.

– Break-out rooms with seminars from more expert speakers in the franchise industry. 

– Obviously networking goes on throughout the day. 

– Live evening music after day 1.

The people at Coconut quickly found ‘Hopin’ a website only launched early in 2020 that hosts an online event in one place. Main stage: check. Break out rooms: check. Networking: check. Sponsors and Suppliers area: check. It’s the kind of thing you could host on multiple zoom calls but all in one place and much more simple to navigate. 

It was my job to handle the main stage from the studio in Andover, and the Coconut team prepped speakers throughout the day. The feedback from the event was fantastic. And moving your event online could be a real possibility. 

We’re putting together an online events package, so let us know if you want us to keep you posted: