Ok so Succès is not a perfume (sorry) but it’s more of an idea.

Here at Red Book Productions we make creative videos that not only stand out, but WORK. We specialise in making videos that are different and encourage engagement. Making a video for your business should be about increasing your business’ presence online and growing your following leading to new opportunities and new relationships.

The idea of the perfume advert was to play on the clichéd idea of perfume adverts and turn it into something subtle but funny. What if you could bottle success? What would happen? The video shows how you can be fun and creative, encourage shares and likes and yet still have a point!

If you want to start making your business stand out online maybe we can help. Whether you have a good idea in mind or no idea at all video can be a great way to enter into the conversations that your prospects are having.

If you missed the ‘Succès’ video but are wondering what the fuss is all about you can see it below: