Connecting with people online can be pretty confusing, and for me Linkedin is something I use, but I wasn’t sure how to use it effectively. That’s why I went to see Rachel Tombs at her Linkedin workshop to film Episode 83 of The Video Show.

The workshop is a great way of getting people started on LinkedIn and for people in a similar situation to myself. Getting them up and running so they can start connecting with the right people and start relationships. It’s also where Rachel sees the Video Toolkit fitting in. She’s been a member for around 8 months now, and uses the Toolkit for Video Testimonials and her YouTube channel.

Testimonials are fantastic for both Linkedin and Video, it’s a great way to prove you’re as good as you say you are and to show the kind of results you’ve helped your customers achieve. In the Video Toolkit we have an amazing system for gathering Video Testimonials, (and a lot more) you can see it by taking a look at the Video Toolkit website. 

Watch this week’s Video Show to see how Rachel uses the Video Toolkit, and if you’d like to find out about Rachel’s next workshop you can go to her website.