Last week I travelled to meet Janie Biddiscombe from Blue Flame Digital to talk to her about how she’s using Video Toolkit to promote what her business does. Janie has been a member of the Video Toolkit since the beginning (April 2016) and is a two time winner of The Video of the Month. We had a chat about how she felt before making videos (usually everybody feels a bit nervous) and the kind of equipment that she’s been using to shoot her videos on.

A lot of people worry about how much they’ll have to spend on equipment, visualising that there’ll be a huge outlay on equipment. In reality Janie uses her phone to shoot videos on, and spent £6 on a tripod and then made a small adjustment a selfie stick attachment. That’s a bargain!

For Janie it’s all about showing off their product which is exactly what she does in this video:

I’m really impressed by the quality of videos that Blue Flame Digital has been making, and how they’ve developed their message. It will be interesting to see how they develop further from here. Remember to subscribe to their channel!