One of the first things I notice when I’m watching any video is what’s in the background. Especially if there’s something messy, distracting or out of place. A great example would be cables coming out of a TV, a pile of paperwork or any general mess.


You may have recently noticed that I’ve put some effort into making the background in The Video Show constant. I’ve had the Chesterfield for a while, but a few posters and wooden boxes in the background and it looks a whole lot better than a random background or white paper background. 


In this episode of The Video Show I discuss the importance of the background of a video, how you can make yours look amazing and how Evelyne Brink creates great backgrounds for her clients. 


Do you have a set background in your videos? If so, how do you arrange it? Is it always set up in your office? Or do you re-build it every time?


The full interview with Evelyne is below.