Last week I invited one of our newest Video Toolkit members; Carol Graham to talk about why she joined the Video Toolkit and tell us about her business. First of all, she was up for it, thinking it would just be a conversation on the regular sofa. But at the last minute, I saw the latest ‘Carpool Karaoke’ video and decided that it would be fun to have our conversation in my trusty car.

It was really interesting talking to Carol about her business. Having worked with her a few years ago in 2013, I knew a fair bit about her business and how it works. But especially how she was having trouble with communicating her message. Carol is a psychosexual therapist. So she works with couples and individuals and helps them with their relationships and their sex lives. Obviously, this is a tough subject to get across on video, at networking and indeed in everyday conversation.

Carol’s reasoning for joining the Video Toolkit was that she had watched the Video Show since April 2016, when we launched the Toolkit and thought that it could be a good idea. But it wasn’t until July this year, that out of the blue she signed up. Over the next few weeks and months, we plan to work with Carol to help her practice her message and work out how she can pitch her business without putting people off.

This episode is a really interesting conversation about how we’re going to do that. So if you’re worried about how you can get your message across, or you’ve been putting off trying out video for sometime WATCH this episode then sign up to the Video Toolkit by heading to