I talk about this kind of thing all the time. Many people are worried about making their first video, conscious about how they’ll look and how they’ll be perceived. So I’ve decided to look back at my first video that I made to promote Red Book Productions in 2011 (maybe 2012).

The first video I made was called ‘Why Flim’ (mainly because that was a page on my website and I had no idea how to change it). But my main problem was that I did not under any circumstances want to talk in front of camera. I was worried about how I would sound, what people would think and the barrage of abuse I’d be likely to receive if I ever posted a video.

But eventually I did get over my fears and in this episode (117) I go into detail looking back at my first ever video.

The main reason that I’ve done this is to show how awful your first video will look next to your latest video. (Yes, believe it or not, your first video is always the hardest) I try to learn something new from each and every video I make, I always want to improve. I often look back on videos that I made even a month previously seeing things that I’d change now.

The trick is to get started and pick up small improvements each and every time you make a video. Notice things you can improve in terms of:

  • Presentation – How can you present better? Remember your lines? Be more energetic?
  • Lighting – Was there a shadow in the background?
  • Background – Was it too distracting? Was it too dull?
  • Camera – Is it in focus? Is it good enough quality?
  • Sound – Is there a weird hissing sound? How do you get rid of it?

Once you get started you’ll notice little things you can improve on each and every time you make a video. You’ll notice that after 10/15/20/50 videos that you’ve made huge improvements. It’s just getting that first video out of the way that’s the trick.