When I make these episodes of The Video Show, part of the ‘magic’ of the videos is that I answer the questions off the cuff. I know what questions are in the box, but I have to think of an answer very quickly when I pull each question out. It’s my plan to train myself to become a better speaker on camera, to become better at going with the flow and making sure I really know my stuff.

Today’s episode is a fine example of that. I had to name 5 types of video that every business should have. They are:

  1. Explainer Video – A very versatile type of video that can live on your website and across the internet. It will explain who you are, what you do and how you can help.
  2. Video Testimonials – The best way to show HOW you solve problems by getting your customers to do all the selling for you.
  3. YouTube Video  – Basically to entertain or educate. Help your viewers to fix an everyday problem they would have. This video is perfect for building trust.
  4. Facebook Live Video – Throw yourself in at the deep end. You can interact with your viewers LIVE. And this is just the start of live broadcasting, it’s only going to get bigger.
  5. Sales Video – The kind of video that everything leads to. If you make a sales video properly, it’s the BEST way of closing the sale online.

These are great types of video to create for your business, as I said in the video we have LOADS of templates, hints and tips on these videos in the Video Toolkit. You can find out more about it by clicking HERE.